Registration Questions

POSTPONED – Wild Mud Run – 28th March 2020

After very careful consideration, we are very sad to have to inform you of our decision to postpone our next event Wild Mud Run 28th March 2020 due to concerns over public safety read more

How do I enter an Xrunner event?
You must enter through the registration system online. Select ‘Sign Up’ and then select the event you wish to enter and fill in all the required fields on the registration form. Read the T&C’s, tick the boxes, pay the entry fee by card and you are a confirmed Xrunner. For corporate entries, we will accept company cheques and can raise a VAT invoice, please contact us HERE for details on corporate entries.

What happens if I enter the wrong details?
You can amend or update your own details through the customer portal HERE. You will not have access to anyone else’s details, even from your team. If you need to make any amendments that you are not able to do through the portal then please contact us HERE with details of the amendments and we will update for you.

How much is the entry fee?
This depends on how quickly you sign up for an event as we offer lots of early bird discounts so there is a lot of opportunity to pay less than the standard ticket price. Prices start from £44.00 and there is a processing fee of 5.95% charged by the registration company for secure card transactions. Please see each event day page for a breakdown of the full pricing structure.

Can I enter more than one event?
Yes, you can enter as many of the Xrunner events as you like. You can sign up for each event as and when is convenient or you can purchase a season pass to enter all four events for a HUGE discount.  You must purchase the season pass from the Gift Shop on our website where prices are also listed.

Can I run as an individual?
Yes, you can enter as an individual and run by yourself or you can enter as part of a team, see below.

How do I enter as a team?
You can register as the team leader and create your own team during the registration process. Once you receive your email confirmation, you can then invite your friends to join your team by email invitation through the customer portal. You can pre pay for additional entries or you can invite people to join your team but pay for themselves during their registrations.  You can decide to make your team private and invitation only, or you can select an open team whereby people can see your team name and sign up to join you. If you are invited to join an existing team, you will receive an email which will give you a link directly to the teams registration page.  If you can recruit ten or more team members then you will qualify for 10% per entrant discount which the team captain will be refunded once all members are registered.

Are there any discounts?
There are lots of ways to get a discount. Register early for the early bird discount. Register as a team and once the tenth person has registered, the team captain will get credited 10% per person on the team and will receive the discount as a refund.  There is also a discount applied to the later waves as these are the last to fill, so if you can come later in the day, you can save an extra couple of quid.  If you are really enthusiastic and want to enter more than one Xrunner event, you can purchase the season pass and take advantage of a HUGE discount.

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Registration Questions Cont

Are there any entry restrictions?
The minimum age is strictly 15yrs for the 5K and 18yrs for the 10K due to our insurance cover, however individual abilities vary greatly so the decision must lie with the consenting adult / parent. To register as an under 18yrs, you must get the consenting adult to register on your behalf and to complete the parental consent form. You can download the form here, you must print this off, complete the form and bring along to registration on event day. Please note, there is no upper age limit so no excuses! We do require you to declare any medical conditions during registration, this does not mean you are unable to compete, but our first aid team will need to know in case anything should happen to you during the event so please be honest. Only in extreme / serious cases might we advise someone against competing as we feel too risky or we may request a doctors note to state you are fit for purpose. We strongly advise that you do NOT compete if you are pregnant, no babies allowed on the course!

Can I choose the 5K or 10K distance?
All our courses are designed as two laps of 5K each. There is no need to decide in advance which distance you would like to do, simply see how you feel when you get to the 5K halfway mark, double or quit – up to you!

What’s included in my entry fee?
Your entry fee is strictly for your participation in your chosen event.  Anything else you may receive will be additional complimentary extras and may be subject to amendment by the organisers at any time.  At this moment we have planned all of the following: Printed race number, silicone wrist band, race information, technical tee shirt (adult entries only), finishers medal, cold shower, safety briefing, merchandise discounts, water stations, toilet facilities, a gaggle of helpful marshals, first rate first aid facilities, a shedload of challenging obstacles, more mud than Glastonbury and as much fun as you can whilst having the time of your life!

Can I cancel my entry?
No our terms and conditions state no cancelations under any circumstance. However you can substitute yourself in your portal HERE the system will refund your entry less a booking fee when the substitute has completed their entry and has payed alternatively you can transfer to another event. Please note this must be done a minimum of 7 days before event. If you need to make a late substitution then the new runner will need to download the substitute form here, print and complete the form to hand in at registration when they arrive, they will collect your original race pack and kit.

Fees;- Change race time £5, Substitution £10, Transfer to another event £20

Can I run for charity?
You can run for whomever you choose and are welcome to use Xrunner as a platform for fundraising. There will be various charities linked in the registration form, or you can simply contact your chosen charity directly and they will issue you with a fund raising pack. Please contact us if you require any images or logos to support a justgiving.com or similar page.

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Event Time Questions

When will I receive my race pack & kit?
You will be emailed all your race information several times ahead of event day.  Adult and family waves will collect t-shirts, race no’s  and wrist bands from registration when you sign in.  Kids waves collect race no’s and wrist bands here.  Medals are given at the finish line.  Please do not forget to collect your items as we are not able to post out afterwards.

Can I change my tee shirt size?
You must select your preferred tee shirt size during the registration process as we order the right quantity in sizes from the supplier based on your selections. To change the size ahead of event day, you can simply amend in your portal account but this must be done no less than 8 weeks ahead of event day as this is the order time for the suppliers. If you collect the wrong size on event day or find you need a different fit, then speak to the team on registration to see if there is a spare you can swap, if so we are happy to assist this request however we do order to specific requests so please note it is not always possible to accommodate all requests.

What time does the event start?
Event village and registration will normally open one hour before the first wave is due to start, this is usually around 08:00 but will be confirmed in your pre-race information. During registration you are able to select your preferred race wave and you will need to arrive at the event one hour before your race wave to sign in and collect your pack.

Can I choose my race start time?
Race waves usually start at 09:00 and then every half hour until the last wave. You will be able to select your preferred wave during registration, however each wave has a limit and will go offline when that limit is reached. If you want a specific time, you will need to register early as the popular waves fill quickly. We are quite strict when it comes to wave numbers in order to avoid congestion on the course so please ensure your team members register with the same wave as we cannot guarantee wave changes once the waves are full.

Where is the safety briefing?
You will be called to the start line around 15 minutes before your wave is due to set off and here you will receive your safety briefing and your pre-race warm-up routine. Attendance to the briefing is mandatory and important so please get there in time.

Where can I park?
Parking is available on site.  You can purchase a prepaid pass in your registration portal for £5.00 per vehicle.  On the day parking charge is £10.00 per vehicle.  Please ensure you car share for minimal impact on the venue and the environment.

Is there kit / key storage on-site?
There will be a designated bag store area which we will fully supervise from start to finish so you can leave your things if you choose. There will also be a key drop area which will be fully monitored and managed. Whilst we make every effort to keep everyones items secure, we cannot make guarantees and items are left at the owners own risk.

Can I get refreshments on-site?
There will be plenty of opportunity to purchase drinks and food whilst on-site in the event village. Some venues will operate their own refreshments and where there is no provision for this, we will bring in mobile catering units to keep your tummies satisfied.

Is there medical help on-site?
There is a first rate first aid team at every event. The team includes a mobile unit, cycle responders, 4X4 ambulances, team of first aiders and paramedics and kit should there be the need, hopefully not but we are prepared just in case.

Can I get a shower on-site?
There will be a cold water bowser at every event where you can wash off the worst of the mud and cool off after the race.

Are spectators allowed to attend?
We welcome everyone to come along and join in the fun and unlike most events, we do not charge for your loved ones to keep you company during event day so the more the merrier. Please note that all spectators must remain within the safety of the designated viewing areas. It will be possible for spectators to view almost all of the main challenges and cheer you across the finish line. Please keep all dogs on leads at all times and please keep a close eye on your little ones – some obstacles and course areas can be hazardous and we want to protect our future Xrunners.

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Fitness & Kit Questions

What do I need to wear?
Shoes – Be aware, any shoes that would be dangerous to other participates will not be allowed. Please use your best judgement as only event officials will make the final call on event day. In short, NO spikes. Cross country, trail or fell running shoes with a grippy sole would be ideal. Expect the surface to be wet, muddy and very slippery!
Clothes – lightweight stuff that dries quickly. Even if it’s a cold day, heavy or thick clothing will just retain water and make you colder. Long sleeve tops and bottoms can help give some extra protection form scratches. Please remember to bring a warm change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy atmosphere.
Gloves – this one is more debatable. Some people swear by them, others prefer to go glove-less (faster drying). If you go with gloves, be sure to grab tough, thick ones to prevent burns from the ropes and splinters from the walls.

Is there a minimum fitness requirement?
Complete slackers need not apply! You don’t have to be an experienced distance runner or gym fanatic but we recommend that you be in good physical condition and are running regularly. Most importantly you will need strong mental endurance to complete the obstacle course and overcome the ultimate challenge. We recommend that you start training for the event 12-8 weeks prior to competing and we will give you a thorough warm-up at the start line to get you started.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?
Some of our events will have an element of open water swimming. In these events the swim will be around 50mtrs, we provide buoyancy aids for weak swimmers. As with all the obstacles and challenges we will encourage but not force you to try everything, nothing is compulsory. Other events may have a short section where swimming is involved depending on water temperature on race day, again nothing is compulsory. We would recommend that all participants should be able to swim with out any aid and be confident in open water.

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Safety & Official Questions

What are the terms & conditions of entry?
Read our full terms and conditions here. Read our general disclaimer here.

Can I get a refund if unable to attend?
Unfortunately as with any sporting event our terms and conditions state that we do not offer a refund, this is due to the fact that when you book we will then start to produce your race packs, numbers, timing chips, goodie bags, medals, wrist bands, t-shirts etc and  these are specific to you. However you can make a last minute substitution, if you can find someone to take your place you can give your race pack to them.  All they will need to do is complete a substitute form here, and hand it in at registration on the day. Please ensure this form is handed in as it is vital that we have the correct details for all competitors for health and safety.

What’s included in the safety brief?
Safety – Key Points. None of the obstacles are compulsory, we will encourage but not force you to try every obstacle, however if there is something that you feel unable to do, then you can simply walk around, the choice is yours. There will be a mandatory safety briefing and warm up for each race, please make sure you are at the start line 20 minutes before your race is due to start.
Safety – Climbing – There are several obstacles that will involve climbing, the most important consideration is to maintain three point of contact at all times when climbing to avoid falling.
Safety – High Obstacles – In short DO NOT JUMP off an obstacle. When exiting any obstacle above ground level lower yourself to the ground carefully, if you do jump (not recommended) then do so with both knees and heels together, this will greatly reduce the risk of injury.
Safety – Terrain – You must be aware that this is natural terrain with the typical hazards you would expect in open countryside. There are many trip and slip hazards and foot placement will be key to avoid injury.
Safety – Swimming – Races may contain sections of open water swimming. Please note the water will be extremely cold and as such you can expect to encounter COLD WATER SHOCK. Symptoms;- as you first enter the water your body’s reaction will be to gasp for air, you will then experience increased heart rate and increased blood pressure, blood flow to your limbs will be reduced as your body goes into survival mode. The most important thing is DONT PANIC, these symptoms usually pass quickly as your body adjusts.  We have buoyancy aids available if you are unsure or in any doubt – WEAR THEM.
Safety – Water – Enter water with extreme care, do not dive. Water exits will also become extremely slippery so exit with caution to avoid slipping.
Insurance – We hold a £10m public liability insurance, however this will not cover you if you injure yourself as a result of an accident, to get a personal obstacle race insurance quote Click Here

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Post Event Questions

Can I get an official race photo?
We will have a team of photographers around the course so keep smiling. Photographs will be on sale on this site no later than 48 hours post event. Make sure your race number is clearly visible as the photographers will use this to tag your photos to make them easier to find. Photos are displayed by time and course area.

I forgot to collect some of my race items?
If you forget to collect your tee shirt or any race items, then we are really sorry but we will not be able to forward them on to you at a later date as everything will be packed away and stored until the next event date.

Is there a lost property area?
If you lose an item on event day then head to the registration team as most items found on-site are handed in to this team who will keep them safely stored there for you. If you realise after leaving you have lost something then please contact us to see if it has been handed in.

Good luck with your training and we look forward to seeing you on event day for some muddy good fun!

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