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Wild Mud Run – Postponed – COVID19

POSTPONED – Wild Mud Run – 28th March 2020

After very careful consideration, we are very sad to have to inform you of our decision to postpone our next event Wild Mud Run 28th March 2020 due to concerns over public safety.

The team at X-Runner has been closely and continuously monitoring the COVID19 situation as it has developed both globally and in the UK. We believe it is our social responsibility to act now. The safety of all our competitors and event support staff must take priority.

Having taken into account advice from The World Health Organisation and Public Health England and following consultation with our medical team, it became clear that postponing the event was the most realistic and safest solution for all.

This is not a decision we have come to lightly. Our decision making has been informed by detailed risk assessment. Obstacle Racing is unique in that there are thousands of people in very close proximity climbing over obstacles, touching ropes, walls, monkey bars and hand holds. As touch is one of the main forms of transmission it is impractical to consider every competitor washing hands in-between each obstacle or to continuously disinfect every obstacle.

There are also concerns from our medical team, an event of this size requires considerable medical cover, paramedics, ambulances, response vehicles and first aiders. These medics currently provide cover to the NHS and that must take priority, should the event go ahead and medics were required to support East Midlands Ambulance Service we would not be able to run the event, as we would not be in compliance with our risk assessment and public liability insurance. Under current guidelines we would also need to restrict attendees travelling from infected areas and consider screening everyone on arrival. Again safety of competitors and staff must take priority.

Hospitals are currently operating at the highest-possible national incident response level, to enable them to be as prepared as possible for the impact of the COVID19 outbreak. On that basis, we do not believe it would be right or responsible to proceed with holding the event when the NHS is in such need of its expert workforce. Equally we are mindful of our responsibility to support efforts to delay the spread of COVID19 across the UK.

We understand that this decision will inconvenience many of you, and that you will have practical and logistical questions you will want us to answer. We ask for your understanding here; our team will now have a great deal of work to do following this decision. We will look to reschedule the event or to offer a deferral to another X-Runner event at a later date.

We will be sending a further communication next week, and we hope you will bear with us until then, while we take the necessary logistical steps. Further information will be updated on our news page here

Kind Regards