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Prior to starting any training, it is recommended you have a medical examination to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Any training program needs to be specific to the individual and event and you need time to develop, build and enhance fitness levels

Obstacle Course Training Planning

All our courses are designed as two laps of 5K each. There is no need to decide in advance which distance you would like to do, simply see how you feel when you get to the 5K halfway mark, double or quit – up to you!

X-Runner obstacle courses will have high and low obstacles with some distance to run in between. The obstacles are arranged so that those which exercise the same groups of muscles are separated from one another.

None of the obstacles are compulsory, we will encourage but not force you to try every obstacle, however if there is something that you feel unable to do, then you can simply walk around, the choice is yours.

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1, Running Training Plan
A running program should be your first stop for building endurance for an obstacle race, if you’re new to running, you can start with a basic 5k or 10k training program, also consider joining a local running group or club to get assistance from more seasoned runners who will help you stay on track with your fitness program.

2, Train on the right terrain
Forget the roads and tarmac. You need to hit the trails and muddy paths to help strengthen the ankles. Don’t avoid the puddles or mud swamps along way and practice jumping across the trails as you go

3, Grip Training
Climbing a rope or jumping over a wall will require significant upper body strength but it will also require you to be able to grip a rope or wall edge as well. Once again, flexed arm hangs and pull-ups will help to a degree, try adding a piece of rope or rolled up towel over a pull-up bar and practice hanging on the two ends or even doing pull-ups with it. That is one of the best grip workouts ever.

4, Climbing Training
Build core strength in your arms, chest back with tricep dips. Sit on the edge of a chair, place your hands by your sides, inhale as you push up, exhale as you lower yourself down. Try two sets of five, building to three sets of ten.

5, Balance Beams and Tight Ropes Training
Find a curb or long beam you can walk or run across to practice balance on a log as all our obstacle courses have a balance portion. Look at the end of the balance beam and run/walk to it. Do not look straight down as that can interfere with your ability to stay on the balance log. Often overlooked but balance is directly linked to core strength, try sit ups, start with ten and repeat three times, build up to thirty and repeat five times.

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6, Open Water Swimming Training
Most people are unfamiliar with open water so you should try and acclimatise beforehand, cold showers or baths are a great way to get your body used to sudden drop in temperature. When immersed in cold water your body will go into shock reducing blood flow to your arms and legs (this can be quite unnerving if you are not used to the sensation)! Luckily this should only last for around 30 seconds! Familiarising your body to cold water is a great way to prepare yourself. Try short cold showers, start with a few seconds two to three times a week, you should quickly find you get used to the sensation and can extend he immersion time. WARNING, keep it short max 30 seconds, water will quickly disperse body temperature and hypothermia can set in very quickly. Warm your self back up slowly.

7, Commando Crawl Training
You will need to practice your crawling technique, lie face down bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow. At the same time bring your left arm above your head, keeping it bent at ninety degrees, push forward and repeat, try and build up to 50m.

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8, Hill Training
What goes up must come down! At most of our events you will experience some killer hills. The best training exercise is hill sprints, find a steep incline run 30m up hill and walk back down slowly to catch your breath, repeat four times. Try and gradually build this to 40m and repeat ten times.

9, Vaults and Hurdles Training
Plyometric bounds will help build muscle strength and drive. This is a form of plyometric training, where over sized strides are used in the running. After a good warm up, start at a slow jog, start by pushing off with your strongest foot and leap as far forward as you can, reaching forward with your arm and then the opposite leg, land on the other foot and immediately take off again. Try 30-40m rest and try again.

10, Flying Start Training
For more advanced runners a good start will help you get away from the pack and help avoid getting caught up with the masses. To practice find the steepest incline you can find, practice running down with a slow controlled motion, walk back up to catch your breath and repeat. Start with four or five reps and build up to ten.

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11, Fitness Training
We would recommend a general fitness program with plenty of cardio activity like running, swimming and biking to increase your endurance and muscle stamina.. Build upper body strength and endurance workouts. You need the muscles that enable you to perform a pull-up, push-up, and dip. Keep doing those in a regular program in your workouts.

12, Quick Circuit Training
Run 100m – Pushups 
10-20 reps – Run 100m – Pull ups 10-20 reps or flexed arm hang 
15-20 seconds – Run 100m – Dips or bench dips – 10-20 reps – Run 100m. Repeat 5-10 times.

This type of quick circuit will ensure you are working the right muscles that will help you get over a wall, up a rope or over a fence. Notice the short fast 100m sprint in this workout. This addition will help you cover ground quickly and make up valuable time if you are struggling with any obstacles.

Good luck with your training and we will look forward to seeing you on race day.

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