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Next event - Wild Mud Run - 6th April 2019 - Probably the muddiest event in the world of obstacle racing, more obstacles, more mud, less running. Voted obstacle race of the year, Wild Mud Run is back in 2019 and our mission is to make this event even better than before. The swampy terrain, undulating hills and magnificent wooded areas mean we can utilise what nature has kindly given us to make this the muddiest race in the world.

Customer reviews;-

Louise Harper;- Have to say this is one of the best OCRs I’ve done. More mud than you can ever imagine and amazing slides

fun run mud run


6th april 2019


fun obstacles water slides


6th july 2019

6th july 2019


avalanche big obstacles


21st sept 2019



12 days until pricesincrease


Free event photos

20,000 Wild Warrior photos are uploading now….  Finish Line, Course, Mud Moguls, Mini Warrior & Family Warrior ..  All photos should be online by Thursday 27th Sep. Thanks for your patience..  Watch this space…

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12 days until pricesincrease