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Clothes – Lightweight stuff that dries quickly. Even if it’s a cold day, heavy or thick clothing will just retain water and make you colder. Long sleeve tops and bottoms can help give some extra protection from scratches. Please remember to bring a warm change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy the atmosphere in the event village.

Fancy Dress – Whilst we welcome the brave ones in fancy dress you must be aware from a Health and Safety angle that your costume should not hinder your ability to run, climb, crawl or swim! Also be aware that this is a family event, so nothing that can be deemed as indecent please. If in doubt please contact us or ask a member of staff for further advice!

No Cotton – Cotton is an excellent product. However, it is also great at holding water once it is wet. At an obstacle race you get wet and muddy, cotton quickly loses its shape, and that form fitting shirt is now hanging at your knees. Cotton is great but should be left at home.



Shoes – Cross country, trail or fell running shoes with a grippy sole would be ideal. Lightweight plimsolls are not suitable as they offer no foot protection and the smooth sole offers no grip. Expect the surface to be wet, muddy and very slippery! Make sure your shoes are laced up tightly, deep squelch mud will try and remove them and its no fun running 5k or 10k with only one shoe. Be aware, any shoes that would be dangerous to other participants will not be allowed. In short, NO SPIKES we also have inflatable obstacles.

Gloves – This one is more debatable. Some people swear by them, others prefer to go glove-less (faster drying). If you go with gloves, be sure to grab tough, thick ones to prevent burns from the ropes and splinters from the walls.



Wetsuit / Neoprene – Wet suits help in the water, however they are not wind proof and may have a cooling effect on a windy cold day, they are also not very comfortable to run in. We monitor water temperature and adjust water immersion times accordingly, there is also an option to avoid the water if you don’t want to swim or are getting too cold? If you are looking to complete the 10k (2 x laps) you may prefer to miss the water obstacles on the first lap to avoid over exposure?

Wear clean dry kit – Our amazing venues are home to some rare and endangered species. After consultation with the environment agency the main concern is cross contamination from other parts of the country. To minimise this risk it is imperative that all competitors have clean kit and footwear that has been thoroughly washed and dried.  If you arrive in dirty kit you will NOT be allowed to race.

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Hats, Glasses, iPods, etc –  A basic rule is don’t run with anything you don’t mind losing. If you a jump off a platform, swim, or wade through murky mud pits, all possibilities to lose any items on or around your head. Leave the jewellery at home, or at least in the car, an earring can snag on a rope or obstacle. Wedding  / engagement rings should be removed or at least covered with duck tape or a strong plaster. Remember things shrink in cold water and if you loose your favourite ring its probably lost forever.

Glasses – If your sight is sufficient that you can run and see without them, then leave them in the car. If you need them to be able to negotiate the course without tripping or stumbling then use a strap to help avoid loosing your glasses. If you need glasses for driving then bring a spare pair with you and leave them in the car just incase.

GoPros –  Many participants enjoy running with GoPros just remember to hold on to them in the water otherwise you might be making a donation to the watery pits. Please note GoPros do not float.



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