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Welcome to the Water Wipeout – 3rd July 2021, please take time to read this notice in full to ensure you are prepared for event day.

Please note our offices are now closed as we are onsite preparing for event day, if you have any queries please report to the information tent where we will be able resolve any queries.

Late Entries. On the day entry available. Cash only, please report to the information tent. Adults 5k or 10k £85.00, Family 5k, £60.00 Kids £30.00.

Start Times – The race is organised in groups of 400 runners every thirty minutes. Start times will be published here 30 days before the event.
Arrival Times – Please aim to arrive at least one hour before your race start time and sign in at appropriate registration tent;- Adult 5k or 10k – Sign at surname tents. Mini Warriors & Families – Sign in at the Mini Warrior or Family Tent.
Parking;- Pre-booked parking is £5 per vehicle, on the day parking is charged at £10 per vehicle.
Parking Receipt – QR Code;- Please login to your account HERE and print or screen shot the QR Code to present for scanning at the carpark. You can also find your QR code in your conformation email (not your receipt email), search your email for ” Registration confirmation for Water Wipeout 2020 “. The QR code is unique to you and automatically updates even if you purchased your parking at a later date. Please note the QR code is only required for the carpark, you won’t need to present the QR code at registration as we have all your details ready.
Directions – National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham, NG12 2LU. As you approach Nottingham, follow the brown tourist signs for the National Water Sports Centre which will direct you to the site. Beware if you enter the postcode into some navigation systems they may direct you to the wrong location.
Race Pack – Your tee shirt, number and wrist band will be available for collection from registration on event day. Medals will be given out at the finish line. If you forget to collect your t-shirt or medal we won’t be able to mail them out after the race, sorry.
Can I cancel my entry;- No our terms and conditions state no cancelations and no refunds under any circumstance. You can defer your entry or make a substitute HERE up to two weeks before the event. After this time you will need to make a last minute on the day substitution. Please note fees will apply. The new runner will need to download the substitute form here, print and complete the form and hand in at registration when they arrive (they will need to sign in at the original runners surname desk).
Bag Storage £2 per bag – Bag storage will be located in the event village, please ask at registration for details. Please note that the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses.
Free Key Storage – If you leave your bags in your vehicle you can store your keys free of charge. Please note however the carpark is approximately 1km from the event village. Please also note that the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses.
Changing Rooms / Showers / Washing Facilities – Cold showers and changing rooms will be located in the event village. They are basic – literally a marquee tent, one for men, and one for women. Its important that you at least wash your hands and face immediately after the race. Please see “Reducing the risk of illness” below.

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Event Village – There will be an event village offering the following;- Food Stalls, Merchandise Stalls, Charity Stalls, Live PA,  and Pyrotechnics, Washing Facilities and Toilets.
Save up to 30% off online prices at the event merchandise Store – New Spring Summer Collection Just Arrived;- Hoodies, Leggings, Headwear, Fashion Tees, Technical Running Gear and Accessories. You will also receive a free gift when you spend £30 or more. Offer available on event day only.
Goodie Bag – Whats Included – All entries will receive a Technical T-Shirt, Finishers Medal and Wrist Band. All items MUST be collected on the day, if you forget to collect on the day we will not be able to post them, sorry!
Key Storage – Will be located at the bag store. Please note that the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses.
Numbers & Timing – Race numbers will be issued on the day at registration, this will be in the form of an identity wrist band. This event is not timed.
Photography – We have four photographers around the course. There will be one designated photo point on the course, with the intention of getting at least one photo of every runner. The photo point will be clearly sign posted, so make sure you smile. Photos are free and will be uploaded HERE please note photos can take up to 72hrs to upload.
Personal Photography – The event is open to the public and as such spectators and competitors can film, however spectators must stay in the designated spectator areas. GO-PRO’s are permitted, however are worn at your own risk, we would not recommend wearing a go pro using a head band. Please also be aware that go pros DO NOT float, so if you loose it on a water obstacle its is probably lost forever. Professional photographers must apply for permission.

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Safety Brief – There will be a mandatory safety briefing and warm up for each race, please make sure you are at the start line 20 minutes before your race is due to start.
First Aid – The first aid post will be located near the start/finish line. There will be Paramedics at the race along with four wheel drive ambulances, response vehicles and first aiders around the course.
Fitness Level – You don’t have to be an experienced distance runner or gym fanatic but we recommend that you are in good physical condition and are running regularly.
Safety – Key Points – None of the obstacles are compulsory, we will encourage but not force you to try every obstacle, however if there is something that you feel unable to do, then you can simply walk around, the choice is yours.
Distance – All our events are 5k or 10k, each race is made up of five kilometre laps containing around thirty obstacles, you can decide on race day if you want to complete one or two laps.
Climbing – There are several obstacles that will involve climbing, the most important consideration is to maintain three points of contact at all times when climbing to avoid falling.
High Obstacles – In short DO NOT JUMP off any obstacle. When exiting an obstacle above ground level lower yourself to the ground carefully, if you do jump (not recommended) then do so with both knees and heels together, this will greatly reduce the risk of injury.
Obstacle 39 “Free Fall” – This is the final obstacle just before the finish line, It involves a 4 meter jump onto an air bag. Correct technique, is a big stride out off the end of the platform, aim to land in a sitting position bottom first, keeping your knees and feet together. IMPORTANT – DO NOT LAND ON YOUR FEET! You will complete this obstacle once before you cross the finish line. As with all obstacles this is not compulsory if you cannot perform the jump as described or have a previous injury you should NOT complete this obstacle.
Slides – There are two amazing slides at this event, one into the lake and the Cresta Run, follow the marshals instructions and make sure the slide is clear before you start your run! Be aware of other competitors at all times to avoid collisions. Correct technique is lying on your back, feet together and arms crossed over your chest.
Terrain – You must be aware that this is natural terrain with the typical hazards you would expect in open countryside. There are many trip and slip hazards and foot placement will be key to avoid injury.

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kids & family events

Teen / Family 5k. 12yrs + with 30 obstacles the course is one lap of the adult course, however you will miss obstacles involving deep water swimming, however expect to get wet and muddy. All competitors under 15yrs must be accompanied by a paying adult, minimum of one adult to four teens.

Mini Warrior 1.5k or 3k 4yrs to 11yrs. The Kids event will be a 1.5k lap with 12 obstacles, so one or two laps. Each child must have a parent or guardian with them. The parent or guardian can go round the course with their child but won’t go over the obstacles (with the exception of parents with younger children who need assistance). The parent or guardian will be given a duplicate running number to identify up to four kids they are looking after on the day. Expect to get wet and muddy.

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Swimming – This race does involve four short open water swims (approx 20 meters each) buoyancy aids available but are not compulsory for these swims. As with all our obstacles and challenges nothing is compulsory, if you cant swim or are not confident in open water you can walk around each obstacle.
Wild River Swim – This obstacle involves swimming in powerful moving water, buoyancy aids are compulsory for all competitors on this obstacle. Correct technique;- Lower yourself into the water, Do NOT Jump. Once in the water adopt a “safe swimming position” ie Lie on your back, hips and feet on the surface, feet forward. Follow marshals instructions.
COLD WATER SHOCK Please note the water will be cold and as such you can expect to encounter cold water shock. Symptoms;- as you first enter the water your body’s reaction will be to gasp for air, you will then experience increased heart rate and increased blood pressure, blood flow to your limbs will be reduced as your body goes into survival mode. The most important thing is DONT PANIC, these symptoms usually pass quickly as your body adjusts.
Water – Enter water with extreme care, DO NOT DIVE or JUMP unless instructed to do so. Water exits will become extremely slippery so exit with caution to avoid slipping.

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Water Quality – Water facilities are supplied from a variety of sources including surface streams and rivers. The waters have fluctuating levels of bacteria and are similar to those found in UK coastal sea bathing waters. The water is tested regularly and prior to the event to ensure they are within parameters. If you fall ill with symptoms after the event, particularly from 3-19 days following, then see your doctor immediately.

Reduce the risk of illness.

Before you swim or get muddy:
• cover cuts, scratches or sores with a waterproof plaster before the event.

While you are taking part in the event:
• avoid swallowing and/or splashing water or mud into your mouth
• keep your head above the water, lower your self into the water where possible
• observe event safety brief & information signs
• take care at drink stations, its important to stay hydrated however take care at drink stations to avoid cross contamination whilst drinking.
• none of the obstacles are compulsory, if you are unsure or want to avoid the risk of illness there is always an alternative route to avoid the water or mud, the choice is yours?

When you finish and after the event:
• ensure you clean your hands thoroughly after the event and before handling/eating food
• thoroughly clean cuts or abrasions using soap and water
• handle your kit with care after use. Rinse it with clean water as soon as is practicable after swimming. Clean with detergent and rinse as advised by the manufacturer. Always wash your hands with soap and water after handling or cleaning your kit. Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.

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what to wear

Shoes – Cross country, trail or fell running shoes with a grippy sole would be ideal. Expect the surface to be wet, muddy and very slippery! Be aware, any shoes that would be dangerous to other participants will not be allowed. We have inflatable obstacles, so in short NO SPIKES!
Clothes – Lightweight stuff that dries quickly. Even if it’s a cold day, heavy or thick clothing will just retain water and make you colder. Long sleeve tops and bottoms can help give some extra protection from scratches. Please remember to bring a warm change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy the atmosphere in the event village.
Gloves – This one is more debatable. Some people swear by them, others prefer to go glove-less (faster drying). If you go with gloves, be sure to grab tough, thick ones to prevent burns from the ropes and splinters from the walls.
Fancy Dress – Whilst we welcome the brave ones in fancy dress you must be aware from a Health and Safety angle that your costume should not hinder your ability to run, climb, crawl or swim! If in doubt please ask a member of staff for further advice!
Wear clean dry kit – Look after the environment, there is a risk of cross contamination to and from other parts of the country. To minimise this risk it is imperative that all competitors have clean kit and footwear that has been thoroughly washed and dried.  If you arrive in dirty kit you will NOT be allowed to race.
Wetsuit / Neoprene – Wet suits help in the water, however they are not wind proof and may have a cooling effect on a windy cold day, they are also not very comfortable to run in. We monitor water temperature and adjust water immersion times accordingly, there is also an option to avoid the water if you don’t want to swim or are getting too cold? If you are looking to complete the 10k (2 x laps) you may prefer to miss some of the water obstacles on the first lap to avoid over exposure?

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Spectators – are welcome free of charge, please be aware that this is natural terrain with the typical hazards you would expect in open countryside and as such you enter at your own risk. Please keep clear of the running course and obstacles at all times and remain in the designated spectating areas. Children must be under close supervision at all times.
Spectator Parking – There will be a £10 charge per vehicle, payable in cash only on the day. Vehicles are left at your own risk.
Disabled Spectators – Disabled parking is available near to the event village, the area around the event village can all be easily accessed by gravel and tarmac paths, most of the area is fairly level.
Pets – Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead at all times, please ensure you clear any dog waste.
Family Activities – The National Water Sports Centre has a range of other activities to keep the whole family entertained, please visit there website for full details.

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course map

Provisional CourseMap
37 or 74 obstacles 5k or 10k.

1, Hurdles 2, Hurdles 3, Zig Zag 4, Water Splash 5, Vertical Walls 6, Cargo Net Crawl 7, Over and Under 8, Open Water Swim 50mtrs 9, Mud Trenches 10, Balance Beams 11, Hopping Mad 12, Tight Fit 13, Water Slide 14, Swim 30mtrs 15, Cargo Net Crawl 16, Mud Crawl 17, Cargo Net Climb 18, Over and Under 19, Mud Moguls 20, Hopping Mad 21, Tunnel Vision 22, Vertical Walls 23, Water Cage 24, Commando Crawl 25, Wild River Rapids – Swim 26, Inclined Walls 27, Climbing Zone 28, Jacobs Ladder 29, Monkey Bars 30, Swim 30mtrs 31, Inclined Walls 32, Water Slide 33, Swim 30mtrs 34, Avalanche 35, Tunnel Vision 36, Cresta Run 37, Free Fall. Please note the map is provisional and obstacles may change before the event.

Distance – All our events are 5k or 10k, each race is made up of five kilometre laps containing around thirty obstacles, you can decide on race day if you want to complete one or two laps.

Safety – None of the obstacles are compulsory,  if there is something that you feel unable to do, then you can simply walk around, the choice is yours, stay safely!

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Obstacle Racing is DANGEROUS

By entering this event you understand, acknowledge and appreciate that there is a risk of injury from the activities involved including, but not limited to the following: (i) drowning; (ii) near-drowning; (iii) sprains; (iv) strains; (v) fractures; (vi), heat and cold injuries; (viii) dislocations; (ix) heart attack; (x) injuries and illness involving running, climbing, swimming, jumping etc

Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer – By entering this event you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer. Please read our full terms and conditions here. Read our general disclaimer here.

Minimum Age 15yrs – The minimum age is strictly 15yrs due to our insurance cover. Under 18’s must bring a completed parental consent form or they will NOT be allowed to take part. Please download a form here

Medical Conditions and Disabilities – If you are pregnant you should NOT participate in this race! It is your responsibility to notify us of any medical conditions or disability that might affect your ability to take part in the race. If you suffer from any medical conditions you should seek advice from your GP before taking part in the event. Any severe conditions or disabilities may require a letter from your doctor.

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Personal Accident Insurance from £5.75

The unexpected can happen at any level or frequency of sport, by taking out an “obstacle race” insurance policy you ensure that if you are involved in an incident, the most important issues can be taken care of – personal liability, accidental death, permanent total disability and income protection.

Why do you need personal accident insurance?  We have public liability insurance, however this will not cover you if you injure yourself as a result of an accident that is not our fault! If you slip, trip or fall you will not be able to claim unless you have personal accident insurance. For as little as £5.75 you can have piece of mind.

Obstacle Race – Personal Accident Insurance. This policy is designed to offer sports accident cover to individuals who participate in obstacle races. It provides personal accident cover for your chosen sport plus all other sports in the same group and lower groups. Benefits include personal accident, broken bones, accidental death, and personal liability. For complete piece of mind there is also the option to include loss of earnings cover. Three levels of cover are availiable and policies can be single day, multiple days or annual.

From just £5.75 for bronze single day cover.

Get Insured

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Wet Weather – Parking Information.
Parking is on grass which may become slippery in wet weather. We have 4×4 response vehicles to assist you. In wet conditions use a higher gear than usual when pulling off, ie start in second gear and keep revs low to avoid spinning your wheels.

If your wheels start to spin or you become stuck please stop immediately, turn on your hazard lights and contact a marshal. Anyone who causes excessive damage to the ground my be charged a reinstatement fee.

To assist recovery please locate your towing eye, (this should be near your spare wheel), please note towing eyes may have an anti clockwise thread.

If in doubt our marshals will assist you. Vehicles are left at your own risk.

If you are arriving by coach please notify us via the contact page here

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