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keep Fit…. stay Heathy, stay Safe!

Given the current state of the COVID-19 we are extending FREE DEFERRALS to all future events. However with the current uncertainty we have temporarily suspended all 2021 event ticket sales. Please see below for your current options as we work through these challenging times, thanks for your patience and understanding.

2021/22 Options


We are extending FREE DEFERRALS to any future event to ensure you have the flexibility that you need. This means that there will be no deferral fees. You will be able to transfer your entry free of charge to any future event. Please note dates are provisional and will be confirmed when appropriate.

What you need to do? Nothing! Your entry will be automatically transferred to the same event next year, should you wish to transfer to another event, person or request a credit, you will be given this option at a later date.

2021/22 Event Calendar Please note all event dates are provisional and will be reviewed once COVID restrictions are lifted and we have a better understanding on how large events can operate with social distancing.

Wild Mud Run – 20th March 2021 – Osmaston Manor, Derbyshire DE6 1LW. Cancelled
Water Wipeout – 3rd July 2021 – National Water Sports Centre Nottingham. To Be Confirmed
Wild Warrior – 18th September 2021 – Wild Park, Brailsford, DE6 3BN. To Be Confirmed
Wild Mud Run – 26th March 2022 – Osmaston Manor, Derbyshire DE6 1LW. To Be Confirmed

New 2021 event format. We are currently reviewing how we would safely operate events in the future. Social distancing may be with us for some time and as such we need to consider how we can safely operate this type of event as we adjust to the new normal. Your safety and the safety of all our event support staff must take priority


1, If you took out event cancelation insurance when you booked through active you can apply for a refund here

2, If you did not take out cancelation insurance you should contact your bank / card provider.

2, If you did not take out insurance or have not claimed via your bank / credit card and if you paid more than £40 plus fees per person you may be eligible to request a refund;- Please read the terms and conditions you agreed when you registered for the event terms and conditions These terms offer refunds less a £40 administration fee to cover our spent expense. This fee incorporates a £20 processing fee and a £20 fee to cover spent expenses due to COVID19. Please note our actual loss is far greater than this figure.

If you would like to apply for a refund please complete the refund request form here

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding during the most difficult of times. We hope that you all stay SAFE, stay HEALTHY and stay MOVING!

Kind Regards




Administration Fees explained?

Please note as a limited company we have a legal obligation to ensure the business remains solvent. Should we issue full refunds this would legally force us into liquidation, closing the business with immediate effect. This would mean no future events would take place and everyone looses their payment.

As a runner, you more than likely will take time in the winter to sit down and plan the coming seasons challenges. You will look for the events that will allow you to shine and achieve those personal goals – you will dedicate hours, weeks and months to prepare and train ready for the big day.

In this scenario, imagine the Race Directors (RD) who are planning the races that you will attend. Just as you plan and prepare, so do they, typically one-year in advance so that when the time comes you have a slick, well-prepared event that will allow you to achieve your goal. Planning and working on a race really is a labour of love and yes, it’s a business.

Race Directors start planning twelve to eighteen months before the event takes place.. Budgets are calculated, a timeline is put in place and then a team of people, put a plan into action. This will involve route planning, booking venues, planning medical care, arranging for catering, advertising the race, booking contractors, building obstacles, maintaining obstacles, maintaining a website, arranging liability insurance, ordering event supplies, medals, t-shirts, gazebos, writing risk assessments, liaising with local councils, land owners, health and safety departments, notifying police, applying for road traffic management licences, safety checks on equipment, buoyancy aid checks and maintenance, servicing vehicles, plant and machinery, arranging for photography/video and the list goes on… It is endless!

To secure these services, many of these items are paid for well in advance of the race and in most scenarios, a non-refundable deposit will have been paid and quite often the full balance is paid to ensure that no problems arise. As an event approaches, typically between eight and twelve weeks before the event, all invoices are paid and the RD can sit back knowing that a job is well done. The race fee that you the runner pays doesn’t just cover the day or multiple days of the race, it covers a year of work!

Now imagine you are the RD. You have been diligent; you have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s. You are, you think, prepared for any eventuality and then Covid-19 comes along and rips your world apart.

Through no fault of your own, your race is cancelled because one needs to take responsibility for the health and safety of not only runners, but staff and their teams. In many situations, this decision was taken away from the RD as it comes from a government level.

Typically an event will incur around 80% of the total event cost in the months before the event takes place, however it may have only received 60% of booking revenue in the same period. This effectively means at this point the event is running at a loss, it has paid its suppliers but still needs the last few weeks ticket sales to break even and hopefully make a small profit.

As a limited company, the directors have a legal obligation to ensure the business remains solvent. Should refunds be issued this would legally force a company into liquidation, closing the business with immediate effect. An official receiver would be called in to close the business, in this scenario it is extremely unlikely that any refunds would be issued as the receiver would first need to clear the companies liability and processing fees and so would not make refunds viable. This would also mean no future events would take place and everyone looses out!

I am asking you all to take stock of the situation, sit back and take time to reflect on the RD, the team of people involved in the race and the implications of cancelling or postponement. This is their job, their livelihood, their future, as with everyone during this time, this has far reaching effects.

Let’s be clear here, the Covid-19 scenario is impacting on the world at an unprecedented level. Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills – and that is a real global emergency. Millions have been wiped from the financial markets but this impact filters down and down to a grass roots level and the impact will be huge for all of us. ‘If the virus does directly affect your life, it is most likely to be through stopping you going to work, forcing your employer to make you redundant, or bankrupting your business.’

So, when asking the RD and race for a refund on race entry, please just take time to step back and think, in these special circumstances, can you afford to let that fee go so that you can at least provide an opportunity for that race to return the following year.

In the words of one Race Director, ‘When the Government cancel all Sport Events or public gatherings we are in big trouble, insurance does not cover us in case of pandemics and does not cover refunds.’

The impact is far reaching “It may one day be said that the coronavirus delivered the deathblow to the New World Order, to a half-century of globalisation and to the era of interdependence of the world’s great nations.”

One of the key jobs of a race team is risk management, and so we started to look at logistics and emergency planning long before the decision to cancel was made. However the money was spent!

So please, when you ask for a refund, just ask the question, ‘Can I let my fee go for 2020?’ And in the process, the race you entered will be around in 2021.

It is highly likely that some races will not recover from this but we at x-runner are committed to keeping the sport we love alive to fight for another time.

Kind Regards


If you would still like to apply for a refund please complete the refund request form here please note refunds will be subject to a £40 administration fee as agreed in our terms and conditions when you registered.