DCFC pre-season training | X-Runner

DCFC pre-season training | X-Runner’s challenge of the Rams.

X-Runner took their challenge to the champions when the first team players from Derby County Football Club came to the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham for some ‘muddy good fun’ as part of their pre-season training. Club manager Nigel Clough said ‘With the season just over one month away the team are almost at the peak of their physical fitness and training will continue to build, with an almost injury free line up, the first time in club history, we are in a great position!’

The Rams training took an unusual format as x-runner created an obstacle course to challenge even the fittest of football players. Obstacles were designed to test the Derby County Team with narrow balance beams, cargo crawls to test upper body strength and more mud than they have ever seen on a football pitch!

Also joined by supporters and the coaching team from Derby County as they cheered the players through the mud, sweat and tears were assistant manager Gary Crosby and training coach Paul Winstanley. The only player not allowed to take part was Skipper Shaun Barker due to a serious knee injury also preventing him from taking part.

Players were taken right out of their comfort zone when it became obvious from the start line they were going to get very wet indeed!  The Derby County team players were divided into four teams of seven to encourage them to work together to win the race.  A ‘La Mans’ style start saw the teams immediately enter the cold water to climb aboard their rafts for a steer and paddle challenge around a 700 meter slalom course.

After that unusual warm up experience the teams then exited their rafts and made a dash for the obstacle course for the next leg of the challenge. Running full pelt across the multi terrain of the course they encountered over 25 multi discipline obstacles not to mention the wading through lakes and masses of mud slowing them down!

The very muddy, very wet and very tired players then had to reconnect with their team members and re-board their rafts and pull together all their resources for a final sprint finish across the lake.  To win the race all seven team members had to cross the finish line in their raft, capsize it and then climb on top of the upturned vessel before being declared the winner. We are not disclosing which players were on the winning team but suffice to say there was camaraderie all round with just over a minute separating all four teams it was a very close race and extremely impressive to see the squad in action. Well done guys excellent team work,  you are all winners in x-runner’s eyes for stepping outside your comfort zones and for being up for the challenge!

It was an altogether original start to the pre-season training calendar but the adventurous football team were enjoying the experience  as they emerged, cold and soaked to the skin but with gigantic grins on their faces and eager to return for their next x-runner challenge.

Event organiser Steve Walker said “I have been organising these events for a number of years now and have seen some world class athletes competing, however having watched the Rams first team on our assault course I was amazed at how quickly the lads covered the ground devouring obstacles with ease, the team are obviously nearing the peak of their physical fitness in preparation for the start of the season. The training staff have done a great job in preparing a very strong squad and I wish them every success! “

Derby County Footbal Team | X-Runner’s challenge of the Rams

Frank Fielding, Adam Legzdins, Ross Atkins, Saul Deeney
John Brayford, Gareth Roberts, Jake Buxton, Mark O’Brien, Josh Lelan, Tom Naylor
Craig Bryson, James Bailey, Ben Davies, Will Hughs,
Michael Jacobs, Paul Coutts, Jeff Hendrick
Callum Ball, Theo Robinson, Steve Davies, Nathan Tyson,
Jamie Ward, Conor Doyle, Mason Bennett




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