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2021 Ticket Sales Suspended

2021 Ticket Sales Suspended.

With the current uncertainty due to COVID19 we have temporarily suspended 2021 event ticket sales for the following events.

Wild Mud Run – 20th March 2021 – Osmaston
Water Wipeout – 03rd July 2021 – Nottingham
Wild Warrior – 18th September 2021 – Brailsford

In view of this we are offering all existing customers the opportunity to transfer your current entry to our virtual event and receive £59 worth of goodies.

Whilst everyone has been incredibly understanding and patient during the 2020 deferrals, we appreciate that deferring people indefinitely or repeatedly would be frustrating and unfair to you and we are trying to avoid putting everyone in that position.

For all 2021 existing adult entrants, we have created an alternative option to ensure that you do not miss out for another year. With winter fast approaching and no end in sight of social distancing, we are launching our first virtual event and you are all welcome to transfer to this event for free if you wish.

Lockdown Virtual Challenge with £59 worth of goodies. read more

Starts;- Thursday 5 November

Ends;- Wednesday 2 December

Distances;- 5k / 10k / 15k / 21k (Half Marathon).

Exclusively for existing X-Runner customers only! You can now transfer your existing adult entry to our virtual challenge and you will receive £59 worth of goodies. To transfer your entry login to your account here and select change event. Once you have completed the challenge we will send you an X- Runner Goodie Bag which will include;- medal, wrist band, technical t-shirt and a heavy duty hoodie.

Read More 

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding during the most difficult of times. We hope that you all stay SAFE, stay HEALTHY and stay MOVING!


Why have 2021 Ticket Sales Been Suspended?

Whilst we are ever hopeful that we may be able to organise obstacle races next year, at this moment in time, no one is certain of what the future holds in terms of how the COVID19 virus will affect how we live our lives with ever changing restrictions and rules.

Once lockdown ends, we will return to the Tier system of localised restrictions and this is anticipated to need to continue for at least another six months, taking us into the spring of 2021, and possibly into the summer.

Even if by this time, we are in the medium (low) Tier, there will be restrictions that affect this event massively.

If an X Runner event is permitted to take place next year, it is more than likely that we would have to adhere to some social distancing and extreme safety measures. This may include the removal of a lot of obstacles, limits on numbers, teams and wave times. It is likely we would not be allowed the event village with music, food stalls, bag drop, toilets etc…

If social distancing is still in place, we would have to drastically reduce the number of entrants at the event to enforce this. Where we would normally have 350 people in a start wave, we may only be able to have 50 people to create the required space in order to comply legally. All of these measures will mainly mean two things:

1. COVID19 has ripped the heart and soul out of the event. If we had to operate under these restrictions, the atmosphere will not be there, the camaraderie will be gone, and it just will not be the X Runner experience that we know and love.

2. Putting on an event such as this incurs HUGE committed costs to third parties such as the venue hire, the contractors, the staffing etc, etc… In normal times, this cost is spread between 3,500 entrants making it a viable event. If we are only allowed one third or one quarter of this number to attend, the only viable way to host the event is to put the entry costs up to cover the loss in sales and be able to pay the set-up costs – the set-up cost is the same if 500 or 4000 people attend.

We are aware that other types of events, trail running, triathlons, duathlons have managed to  operate relatively sucessfully within social distancing guidelines, so there may be an option to change the event format, however this is not what you signed up for. Whilst this may still be an option, with the current uncertainty it is difficult to plan until things are more stable.

So, whilst we wish things were normal, whilst we hope that they will be again very soon, we are not confident nor can offer any certainty that we can provide the best X Runner experience for you based on the current climate. This is why we have made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend sales until we have more information from the Government and a better idea of if and how we can create a viable and enjoyable event for you.

As an existing entrant, your package will include your entry to the virtual challenge distance of your choice, a medal, a wristband, a technical t-shirt and a winter warmer X Runner branded hoodie (total value £59.00). Should you choose this option all items will be posted out to you after you have submitted your results online and the event is closed. Even if you don’t complete the event we will send you your goodie bag.

To transfer your entry, simply log in to your Active portal HERE. This will take you to your ‘My Events’ page and here you can select the option to change event to the virtual challenge. Once you are registered you will have until the closing date to submit your results and we will ensure you receive your goodies in time for Christmas (if we are allowed a Christmas this year of course).

Emotional and mental health will suffer under these restrictions, so it is important to stay connected to your special people and luckily, we live in an age of technology that means we can do this virtually. So virtually challenge yourself, your friends, your family and get moving together because COVID cannot break community spirit!

Note: If you have registered using a discount code (i.e you paid a zero balance such as a season pass holder for example) then you will need to contact us by email to get your entry instructions as the system may try to charge you a balance thinking that you have not paid for an event yet and we do not want to take any money from you for this event.

Again we would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding during the most difficult of times. We hope that you all stay SAFE, stay HEALTHY and stay MOVING!

Kind Regards