just launched 2020 event calendar


Next Event Wild Mud Run - 28th March 2020 - Probably the muddiest event in the world of obstacle racing, more obstacles, more mud, less running. Get Muddy at the UKs best obstacle, its muddy good fun.

Customer reviews;-

Louise Harper;- Have to say this is one of the best OCRs I’ve done. More mud than you can ever imagine and amazing slides

mud run obstacle race wild mud run


28th march 2020


obstacle race free fall mud run


4th july 2020


avalanche big obstacles


19th sept 2020




Over 13000 event photos will be uploaded immediately after the race, please allow up to 4 days for  photos to appear. There were four official event photographers around the course with the aim to try and photograph everyone.

How to use the gallery;-

The photos for the area are sub divided by time period. Simply choose the time period you were in that area during the race.

Fastest view;- download directly form the thumbnail view, hover over an image thumbnail and click the down arrow that appears at the top right. Click ‘Download’ from the dropdown to download your selected image. If you click on the image to open the gallery, you will need to wait for a few minutes for the gallery to load.

To return to higher level folder in the gallery simply click one of the links at the top of the gallery window.