we need you!

Are you awesome at helping others conquer their fears? Then we want you on our team to ensure the event is the ultimate muddy good fun!

What you get! Free Entry to the next event for you or a friend, free parking, packed lunch, safety brief, free merchandise and a fantastic day out.
We know better than anyone how important the event day team is when you are tackling Tough Tunnels, Mud Mountains, Obstacle Obstruction and Wild Waters. From the runners arrival on site, to the start line motivation, all the way across the course and congratulations on the final finish line, encouragement, assistance and miles of smiles go a really long way in our customers journey and all round epic experience.


Whats Involved

What’s involved? There are lots of ways to help on event day. If you love the mud then you can get out on the course keeping our runners safe on the obstacles and motivating them to keep moving. You can meet and greet on arrival with warm welcomes or you can congratulate on the finish line where you may well get lots of muddy cuddles!

As a thank you to our valued volunteers we give you a free entry place to your choice of Xrunner events (this can also be transferred as a gift to a friend). If you do not want to participate but still want to be a part of the experience, you can have some free merchandise instead.

If you love OCR and want to be more involved in the UK’s leading mud run experiences then why not come along as a volunteer to cheer on our runners as they tackle the ultimate adventure playground?


about us

More amazing obstacles less running! X-Runner is leading the way in a new era of adventure sport. eXtreme obstacle races and fun mud runs, its guaranteed muddy good fun! This is not your average fun run, this is the ultimate obstacle race and fun mud with added mud, it’s guaranteed muddy good fun!

It is our mission to provide fun events, delivered to an exceptional high standard. X-Runner has over ten years experience, with over sixty thousand competitors taking part. This is the ultimate extreme fun run! All entries will receive;- Technical t-shirt, finishers medal, silicon wrist band, over sixty obstacles in the full 10k event and possibly the best day of your life!

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