Distance 5k or 10k

All our events are 5k or 10k obstacle races and mud runs, each race is made up of five kilometre laps containing around thirty obstacles, so the choice is yours, one or two laps? Simply sign up for the event and you can decide on race day if you want to quit after one lap or complete the full 10k race distance. We generally find that people have enjoyed it so much that 80% go round for a second lap!

Entry Fees and Prices

Free kit worth £29.95. All entries will receive an X-Runner Gym Bag, Technical T-Shirt, Finishers Medal, Silicon Wrist Band, Electronic Chip Timing, Drink, Snack Bar, Gift Voucher and possibly the best day of your life!  Entry fees including details of early bird discounts are displayed on each event page.  Please email s.black@x-runner.co.uk for all enquiries regarding entry on the day. Additional costs, please note there will be a 5% booking fee applied to your registration and parking will be charged at £5 per vehicle.

First Aid

St John’s ambulance and the British Red Cross will provide first aid. The first aid post will be located at the start/finish line. There will be a Doctor / Paramedic at each race along with four wheel drive ambulances and response vehicles equipped with defibrillators, there will also be cycle response first aiders around the course.

Fitness Level

Complete slackers need not apply..! You don’t have to be an experienced distance runner or gym fanatic but we recommend that you be in good physical condition and are running regularly. Most importantly you will need strong mental endurance to complete the obstacle course and overcome the ultimate challenge…!

Key / Kit Storage

We offer a supervised kit storage area if you would like to bring along a change of clothing. We also offer a key storage facility for your car keys.  The staff at registration will direct you to both facilities.  Please note that the event organisers cannot be held responsible for any losses and we recommend you do not bring valuables to busy outdoor events.

Minimum Age

The minimum age for the 5k is 15yrs and the 10k is 18yrs. Anyone under 18yrs must bring a completed parental consent form with them and hand it in at registration. You can download a parental consent form CLICK HERE

Open Water Swim

The Mad Monk and Water Wipeout events both have an element of open water swimming. In both events the swim will be around 50mtrs, we provide buoyancy aids for weak swimmers. As with all the obstacles and challenges we will encourage but not force you to try everything, nothing is compulsory. The Wild Run and Wild Warrior may have a short section where swimming is involved depending on water temperature on race day, again nothing is compulsory. We would recommend that all participants should be able to swim with out any aid and be confident in open water.


Parking will be £5 per vehicle at all events for 2014 payable on the day. The fee is to reduce the number of vehicles on site and minimise environmental impact, the fee will go towards the land reinstatement.


We will have a team of photographers around the course, so keep smiling. Photographs will be on sale here approximately 24hrs after the race. Make sure your race number is clearly visible as the photographers will use this to tag your photos to make them easier for you to find.

Race Packs – Numbers & Timing Chips

Race Packs including, t-shirt, race number and electronic timing chips will be available for collection from registration on race day.  Race numbers should be pinned to the front of your running vest. Entries on the day will collect their race packs at the registration point. Timing chips should be attached to your shoe, instructions will be provided. Do NOT wear it on your wrist or anywhere else on your body as it will not record your time!


There will be on-site refreshment facilities to include the provision of hot and cold food, tea, coffee, soft and alcoholic beverages. There will also be merchandise stalls so make sure you bring some spending money for that special race souvenir.

Refunds – Cancelation Policy

Unfortunately as with any sporting event our terms and conditions state that we do not offer a refund, this is due to the fact that when you book we will then start to produce your race packs, numbers, timing chips, goodie bags, medals, wrist bands, t-shirts etc and  these are specific to you. However you can make a last minute substitution, if you can find someone to take your place you can give your race pack to them.  All they will need to do is complete a substitute form HERE and hand it in at registration on the day. Please ensure this form is handed in as it is vital that we have the correct details for all competitors for health and safety!


Race times will be posted on this web site 24hrs after the race. Competitors will be given a five day right to appeal before results are officially awarded. Race times will be calculated on gun time, as per UK Athletics rules.

Safety Brief

There will be a mandatory 20min safety briefing for all competitors, you will be issued with a wrist band to confirm you have attended the briefing, competitors who do not attend the briefing will NOT be allowed to start the race.

Showers / Washing Facilities

There will be a cold water bowser at each race with shower heads to wash of the worst off the mud. Some venues have hot shower facilities that are available, please see below for details.

Mad Monk 17th & 18th May 2014 – Showers available to all competitors free of charge. Free to all.

Water Wipeout 21st & 22nd June 2014 – Showers available at the main centre on the regatta lake. Fee £5

Wild Warrior 21st & 22nd Sept 2014 – VIP showers, include, changing facilities, kit storage free hot and cold drinks. Fee £10 Places are very limited, to book your shower please email s.black@x-runner.co.uk


Are welcome to attend the event, after all it is fun to watch you get wet, muddy and generally all round punished! Please note all spectators must remain in the designated viewing areas. It will be possible for spectators to view almost all of the main challenges and cheer you across the finish line.  Please keep all dogs on leads at all times and please keep a close eye on your little ones – some obstacles and course areas can be hazardous and we want to protect our future Xrunners.

Start Times

Competitors will start in groups of approximately 250 runnere in 30min intervals. You can select your preferred start time when you register HERE.  If you need to change your start time, please email s.black@x-runner.co.uk at least two weeks prior to event day.

Teams, Run with friends

One person can enter everyone all in one go and this will automatically deduct the 10% team discount when you enter ten or more runners. Please note this is quite a lot of work on your part as you will need the following information for each entry, name, address, tel, email, date of birth, emergency contact name and tel, medical conditions and tee shirt size.

The easiest way is to get everyone to enter themselves individually, as long as they all select the same start time and team name you will automatically be grouped together. This method wont automatically deduct the 10% team discount (10 or more runners) but if you email us when everyone has entered, we will make a manual refund to a nominated team member.

Terms and Conditions | Disclaimer

Read our full terms and conditions HERE Read our general disclaimer HERE


X-Runner uses the UK’s most advanced electronic timing system.  Live results screen at finish, with enquiry keypad and ticket printer. Timing chips should be attached to your shoe, instructions will be provided. Do NOT wear it on your wrist or anywhere else on your body as it will not record your time!

T-Shirt Size Selection

Your T-Shirt was ordered specifically from the size you requested during your registration process.  If you have ordered the wrong size T-Shirt, please email s.black@x-runner.co.uk 8 weeks prior to event day in order to change your size request.  If you want to change your size on event day when you collect your race pack, you will have to pay £4.95 as a postage fee and we will order you a new one and get that posted out to you after the event.

Warm Up

Enrgize Health and Fitness will be running the race warm up, courtesy of Anthony Flint. We strongly recommend you attend the pre-race warm up as correct warm up is essential in preventing muscle and ligament injuries.

What to wear

Shoes – Be aware, any shoes that would be dangerous to other participates will not be allowed. Please use your best judgement as only event officials will make the final call on event day. In short, NO spikes. Cross country, trail or fell running shoes with a grippy sole would be ideal. Expect the surface to be wet, muddy and very slippery!

Clothes – lightweight stuff that dries quickly. Even if it’s a cold day, heavy or thick clothing will just retain water and make you colder. Long sleeve tops and bottoms can help give some extra protection form scratches. Please remember to bring a warm change of clothes for after the event so you can enjoy atmosphere.

Gloves – this one is more debatable. Some people swear by them, others prefer to go glove-less (faster drying). If you go with gloves, be sure to grab tough, thick ones to prevent burns from the ropes and splinters from the walls.

Good luck with your training and we will look forward to seeing you on race day.


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