22nd september 2018


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22nd september 2018 - midlands - DE6 3BN

Voted obstacle race of the year! X-Runner is the Uk's best mud runs and obstacle races! Get muddy this summer. More amazing obstacles, more mud less running! The ultimate eXtreme muddy fun run, 5k or 10k with over seventy obstacles. Recruit your mates and save £50. Its muddy good fun, guaranteed!

Customer Reviews;-

Jenna Becuzel;- First time that I have done an ocr and I absolutely loved it, laughed so much at getting stuck in the mud, fantastic!

Louise Harper;- Have to say this is one of the best OCRs I've done. More mud than you can ever imagine and amazing water slides

More obstacles less running! Don't miss your chance for some extreme muddy good fun!

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awesome obstacles

more obstacles less running, our obstacles are amazing getwild
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wet & wild

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distance 5k or 10k

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Fitness Quote. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!


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xrunner fun run mud run medal

finishers medal

A medal for all competitors

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technical t-shirt

limited edition t-shirt for your event

Fitness Quote.If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary!

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Over sixty obstacles in the full 10k event

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More mud than Glastonbury


Wild Warrior Official Video

Wild Warrior eXtreme 5k or 10k muddy fun run and obstacle race is our biggest event of the year. Wild Warrior now in its seventh year has risen to the challenge to become the ultimate muddy fun run.

So if you think you’re up for it then we challenge you brave warriors to tackle this eXtreme wild mud run, its muddy good fun!

Wild Warrior is located in Derbyshire, set in a picturesque valley on the outskirts of the Peak District National Park. The area has undulating fields, wooded areas and plenty of water and mud to wade through.

The location is perfect for a 5k or 10k trail run of this type. Wild Warrior, eXtreme obstacle race, including: The Swamp of Doom, Muddy Mayhem, Water Slides, Tightropes, Tunnels, Quick Sand, Giant Walls, Cargo Nets, Mud, Water and The Assault Course. Check out all the awesomeness on the preview video here!


Wild Warrior is the ultimate obstacle race and muddy fun run. Voted mens fitness obstacle race of the year, its muddy good fun, guaranteed! Don’t miss the season finale, Wild Warrior eXtreme 5k or 10k muddy fun run and obstacle race will be our biggest and best event of 2017.

Customer Reviews

Amy Thompson;- I cannot recommend this event enough. So much fun! Great marshalling, great organisation, great obstacles, great course. Great! Great! Great!

Travel Time;- From Nottingham; 50 mins. From Birmingham: 60 mins. From Manchester; 108 mins. From Leeds; 120 mins. From London M25; 147 mins.



more obstacles less running

over 60 obstacles in the full 10k

Race Distance. All our events are 5k or 10k obstacle races and mud runs, each race is made up of five kilometre laps containing around fifty obstacles in the full race distance, so the choice is yours, one or two laps? Simply sign up for the event and you can decide on race day if you want to quit after one lap or complete the full 10k race distance. Please note not all of the obstacles will feature at each event.

muddy good fun

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It is our mission to provide fun events, delivered to an exceptional high standard. X-Runner has nine years experience, with over seventy thousand competitors taking part. Its guaranteed muddy good fun! All entries will receive;- Technical t-shirt, finishers medal, silicon wrist band, over sixty obstacles in the full 10k event and possibly the best day of your life!

More amazing obstacles, less running! The ultimate eXtreme muddy fun run, 5k or 10k with over seventy obstacles including: Free Fall, Walk the Plank, Cresta Run, Water Slides, Tightropes, Tunnels, Hurdles, Giant Walls, Fire, Cargo Nets, Balance Beams, Mud, Water and the Assault Course, are you tough enough, are you up for it, are you ready for the race of your life?

Where: Wild Park, Derbyshire, DE6 3BN, East Midlands, UK

When: 23rd September 2017

Distance;- 5k or 10k

Entry Limit: 5000

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