Notice to Participants

It is with the deepest regret that we find ourselves writing to you to advise that X Runner Ltd has had to cease trading and will be placed into liquidation. Sadly, Covid-19 has caused such damage to our business that we have no other option after trying to sustain the business for over one year without any sales or income while still incurring all the running costs.

We are devastated to lose not just our livelihoods but 12 years of bringing brilliant events to thousands of participants. It is heartbreaking to realise that we will never be able to share that experience with you again.

We will now sadly, need to cancel the future event that you hoped to attend. We are acutely aware that you have already paid to secure your place at that event but due to the sad circumstances it is now not possible to offer any deferrals or transfers. This effectively precludes options one, two and three of the “consequences of cancellation due to events beyond our reasonable control” clause in the terms and conditions of your entry. Therefore under option four, you may be eligible for a refund of your entry fee less £40.00 per person administration fee.

Hosting events of this magnitude mean that things are ordered and organised a long time ahead of event day to ensure effective delivery and budgeting. The years worth of t-shirts, medals, foil blankets, event village supplies etc... were all in place before the first lockdown came into effect. All venues are secured with payments and all committed costs to contractors and third parties also secured months in advance. Therefore the cost of cancelling these events actually incurs a £72.00 per person cost which cannot be recouped in any way, resulting in this regrettable conclusion.

We have recycled all the materials we can and we also would like to donate as many items as we can to good causes. The t-shirts will be donated to a clothing charity and the emergency foil blankets will be extremely useful to the NHS and homeless shelters.

We can only make these donations if we are in a position to wind up the company knowing it has no ongoing liabilities to include but not limited to creditors. We know that you will be as devastated as we are at this sad prospect but we hope that you will support our decision to make these donations so that some good can come out of this sorry situation. If you feel that, despite this, you still need to claim a refund then please complete the refund request form here Please note if you have previously applied for a refund you must complete the “new” form above so that we can confirm your mailing address as refunds will be sent by cheque. Refunds must be claimed before the 31st May 2021 and will be posted within 90 days of this date.

To everyone who's been involved in making X-Runner what it is, you have our thanks, and our best wishes for a healthy, happy future.

Kind Regards

X Runner